3rd Marketing Conclave on Digital Marketing: A New Perspective in Customer Relationship Management at Oakbrook Business School | 17th September, 2016


Oakbrook Business School organized its 3rd Marketing Conclave on 17th September 2016. The objective of this conclave was to disseminate information about Digital Marketing: A New perspective in customer relationship management.

Dr. Sourabhi Chaturvedi, Director of Oakbrook Business School welcomed the chief guest and all the other dignitaries, and gave brief about digital marketing and explained linkage between digital technology & customer relationship and social, mobile and cloud CRM.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth CEO of Oakbrook Business School introduced all the dignitaries with the beautiful journey of Oakbrook Business School till date and explained the importance of this conclave to the students.

dsc_0680Mr. Yogesh Shinde, vice president- marketing, Gujarat tea processors & packers ltd (Wagh Bakri Tea Group) was the chief guest of the event. He gave presentation on ‘Regional to national not an easy ride & how digital marketing adding an edge.’ Mr. Shinde shared his professional experience and gave wonderful examples. He enthusiastically explained various concepts like growth drivers, FMCG mega trend, goldmine at bottom of pyramid and how Wagh Bakri tea uses digital marketing. Also he explained 3A concept that is Acceptability, Affordability and Availability. He explained wonderful concept that is ‘every city has little village in it and every village has little city in it and motivated the audience.

dsc_0713 Mr. Subir Palit, President – Marketing, Sintex Industries Ltdc was the guest of honour of the event. Mr. Palit’s centre of focus was linkage between CRM and digital marketing & expectation from students. He enthusiastically shared real life examples of Customer relationship management. He explained digital marketing as ‘redefine to create one to one relationship and connect with customers while they are in at remote place”. Also he eagerly discussed various challenges like creating value, customer retention, acquisition and satisfaction. Mr. Palit told that marketing is all about creating differentiation and indicated that customer is the most important factor in organisation by quoting “Customer is who pays the salary”.

dsc_0726 Mr. Shital Shukla, Director, Eminds Adcoms was the key note speaker of the event. He compared digital marketing with old traditional marketing. Mr. Shukla discussed problem in digital marketing that is ‘Information Overload’ and also deliberate that ‘no need to understand digital marketing because we all know it better but critical is to understand the medium’.  Mr. Shukla also converse about social channels and its importance and explained that still we are in real life, it’s going to future and hypothetical mock-up and shared wonderful example of IndusInd Bank and encouraged the students toward digital marketing trend.

dsc_0752Mr. Sanjay Sheth, General Manager, Symphony Ltd. was the special guest of the event. He explained that how companies are using CRM and digital marketing in customer relationship. Mr. Sheth enthusiastically interacts with students and shared his experience. He explained various things like interaction with customers and entire focus must be on customers, limitation of digital marketing, shared example of CRM and motivated the students.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth CEO of Oakbrook Business School felicitated the scholar students of 2nd batch with scholar desk and letter of appreciation for outstanding performance.

Mr. Jignesh Darji, faculty of OBS gave warm vote of thanks to all the distinguished guests for managing time and contributing in the event.

Post lunch, Ad-Vid competition was held, in which teams of students were participated and they have to prepared television advertisement. The participants of Ad-Vid competition presented their advertisement and there were three judges who evaluated the advertisements and selected top two advertisements.

The Quiz competition was organised identifying the advertisement and students participated very enthusiastically.




The event was concluded by giving certificates to the winning team of the Ad-Vid competition and letters of appreciation were given to all the volunteers and coordinators of the event to boost their morale.


Thus, the whole event went on smoothly and students thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. It was a learning experience and great exposure to the students. At last event was concluded by showing video – journey of organizing Marketing conclave.

3rd Orientation Program of Oakbrook Business School held on 2nd August, 2016 : Batch 2016-18


Oakbrook Business School Organized its 3rd Orientation Program on with the objective to welcome the 1st year Batch(2016-18) students in Oakbrook Business School and throw some light upon the expectation of the corporate world from the new budding talents of the Business Schools. This Objective was very beautifully explained by the dignitaries present on that day. Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi, Director of Oakbrook Business School gave a welcome speech. Followed by the lamp lighting ceremony.

dsc_9084Thereafter Mr. Sanjay Joshi, Senior Vice President of IL&FS Ltd. addressed the audience about the expectations of the Corporate from the employees focusing on Teamwork, Coordination, Time Management, Leadership Skills, Loyalty, Complete Ownership, Problem solving skills and Positive attitude. He concluded his speech by a Quote made by Mr. Winston Churchill i.e. “Never give up & indicated students to work hard till succeed” Mr. Joshi is also a Trustee of Pratham (Leading NGO in the field of education), Director on the board of Gujarat Tourism Project Development Co. Ltd. and Gujarat Industries Investments Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known personality in all these sectors. Amongst his noticeable achievements was the most valuable player of IETS (formerly called Schoolnet) in 2001-2002.

dsc_9110Mr. Abhimanyu Dhaigude, Vice President & Corporate HR Head of Sanghi Industry Ltd, explained about the qualities which are required while working in a corporate world. He emphasized on the points like Optimistic approach, look at the positivity in life, consider “Attitude of Gratitude” , To acquire Knowledge by reading books, To remain Focused, Time management, To own good Grades, To be reliable and Organized. He concluded by saying “Keep faith in the Knowledge given by the Faculties & do well”. Mr. Dhaigude also has also served as a Director HR & Corporate HR Head with WG, as VP – HR with Binani Industries Ltd. and as GM – HR with BSL.

dsc_9130Mr. Vivek  Tiwari, the President (Works)of Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. in Kadi, was also one of the dignitaries who shared his knowledge in the areas of Manufacturing, Customer relations, Innovation, Human Resource Development. He addressed the students and focused on having positive attitude in life; and indicated emphatically that learning capability matters a lot. He emphasized that Body Language while working in a corporate plays vital role in professional career. He concluded by saying that Respect your Parents and Teachers who have significant contribution in shaping your career.

dsc_9138 Mr. Anil Patel, Plant Manager, Ford India Private Limited began his speech by appreciating the staff members of the Oakbrook Business School. He briefed about his organization, finest automation company in the world. He further explained about the Industry expects from the employee & 4 C’s i.e. the Challenges, Competition, Communication, Conflict, and Cost. The other points he discussed were Core Business Values vs. Innovation & New Technology giving example of Induben Khakharawala. He also discussed the importance of the Management Programs in professional career and concluded by saying that ownership, commitment and teamwork can surely lead to success.

dsc_9140Dr. Gopalkrishna, a board member of the institute & is a former director of  Institute of Management, Nirma University. He has been a guiding force in establishing the benchmarks of Oakbrook Business School. He explained to the students that how to become a powerful student in class & the importance of communication between students and faculties in learning process. He concluded by saying “Run Faster & Faster & get succeed in your life”.


The Institute has appreciated the toppers of the institute Batch 2014-16 & invited their immediate reporting authority to felicitate the students. Topper students who performed outstanding in Academics were felicitating by the Institute.

dsc_9154Ms. Khusboo Jagad, Outstanding student & the 3rd Ranker in GTU and topper of Oakbrook Business School was felicitated by Dr.Gopalkrishnan and Ms. Shraddha Sheth. Thereafter Ms. Khusboo’s industry mentor – Ms. Prisha Dokania, Assistant Manager at S&P Global Market Intelligence shared her experience with Khushboo and concluded by giving a beautiful message by saying that one should keep curiosity burning and should also keep learning.

dsc_9163Mr. Vishant Thakkar, sharp, dedicated and an all-rounder, 2nd Ranker of Oakbrook College was felicitated by Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi, Director of Institute.

dsc_9170 Mr. Jay Sukhadia, sincere & dedicated student, the 3rd Ranker of Oakbrook Business School was felicitated by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak – member of Board of Governance. Jay’s immediate boss, Mr. Biswajit Pradhan, (Associate Director), Sanguine Management Services Pvt. Ltd. shared his views on how to work in a team & appreciated the sincerity of Jay. He further indicated that he is satisfied with the wonderful work Jay is doing in Sanguine. His address focused on teamwork and concluded by saying that “one should deliver one’s best”.


The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms.Shraddha Sheth, CEO of Oakbrook Business School. She delivered a vote of thanks and wished the 1st year batch all the luck to achieve their own dreams.

Post Lunch at 2:30 pm an Ice breaking and Micro lab session was conducted by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak – Mentor & Advisor of innovation, incubation and Entrepreneurship expert. It was well designed activity conducted by Mr. Pathak which made all the students motivated. Micro lab session has helped students to know their own ability skills & encouraged towards management program effectively. It has felicitated to help the group to begin with their professional program with passion & enthusiasm.



The Orientation program concluded with high spirit amongst the students to work with lots of passion and zeal towards their professional career.

Independence Day, 15th August, 2016


Oakbrook Business School celebrated the nation’s 70th INDEPENDENCE DAY on 15th August 2016. The institute was privileged to have Mr. Dharmendra Joshi, the Secretary General of Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (GCCI) as the chief guest of the event. The esteemed Member of Board of Governance Mr. Palak Sheth, Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, Ms. Shraddha Sheth, CEO OBS, Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi, Director OBS, Mr. Dhamendra Joshi, Chief Guest, Special Guest Mr. Hemant Kalaria, Disaster Risk Management Officer at World Bank. Faculties and students were present on the auspicious day to celebrate and give a tribute to our freedom fighters.


The Director of OBS, Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi gave a welcome speech, where she informed about Dr. Kalams three Vision for India- India’s Freedom, Development and India to stand up to the world, which was followed by Flag Hoisting. The Flag was hoisted by Mr. Dharmendra Joshi, the Secretary General of Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce & Industry (GCCI). The students of III semester lead the National Anthem.


 Mr. Palak Sheth gifted a momento to Mr. Dharmendra Joshi. Then Mr. Joshi shared his views and experiences on this occasion and motivated the youth to be a responsible citizen of the country. He quoted several examples in this regard and inspired all of us with his mesmerizing words of wisdom.



Later, Mr. Palak Sheth, the Member of Board of Governor of OBS informed about the Vision and Philosophy of OBS and how Oakbrook Business School is dedicatedly working to make each individual associated with it a better citizen of India. He appreciated the presence of the first year batch and the alumni at this occasion. Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, Entrepreneurship Expert, addressed the audience with an inspiring speech. Mr. Hemant Kalaria also addressed the students on this occasion.



The Inspiring speech by the dignitaries was followed by the cultural program, where students participated in various activities such as singing, dancing, speech and a skit. Ms. Khushboo Nandani student 1st semester with her soothing voice chanted a beautiful song from “Karma”. Followed by Ms. Dhara Sardhara from the same batch, cherish our souls by singing a Lata Mangeshkar song “Ae Mere Watan Ke Logo”.



Thereafter a group song by 3rd semester students filled everyone hearts with the feeling of patriotism. This event witnessed some very beautiful patriotic Group Dance performance by the 1st and 3rd semester students, which was followed by a Skit themed “Paani re Paani”.



After all entertaining performances, it was time to throw a light on the greatness of our own country and the power of Indian youth, a speech given by Ravi Gandhi and Subin Christian, students of 3rd and 1st semester respectively shared their thoughts on the topic “Freedom according to the youth of the current generation”.


Finally, event ended successfully by vote of thanks was given by Ms. Shraddha Sheth, CEO of Oakbrook Business School, she thanked the Guest and dignitaries present, Alumni students, all the students who had participated whole heartedly and the faculty and staff who had played their part to make this event successful. This event marked the beginning of the first celebration for the new session with the feeling of contributing to the development of the Institute and our Mother land.







Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp held by Oakbrook Business School(OBS) from 12th to 14th July, 2016 at Shree V & K Patel Institute of Engineering

Oakbrook Business School conducted “Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp” of three days from 12th to 14th July, 2016 at Shree V & K Patel Institute of Engineering, Kadi, Gujrat. This EAC was exclusively for science and technology students.

Day One (12th July, 2016)

The event started with lightening of lamp.



The introductory session was taken by Mr. D.M. Patel – Principal of Shree V & K Patel Institute of Engineering College. He welcomed all the dignitaries and participants.

The speakers of the first day of EAC at Shree V & K Patel Institute was:

Mr. Chandramauli Pathak (Mentor & Advisor of OBS)


Mr. Chandramauli Pathak started the camp with a brief introduction of Oakbrook Business School.He subsequently made presentation on the topic “ENTREPRENEURIAL ECONOMY AND OPPORTUNITIES”.  And explained concept of entrepreneurship and motivated students to think differently and be innovative.

He emphatically stated that people today desire for quality and luxury and do not hesitate to pay more if served with quality products. This leads to an era where smart entrepreneurs can assure their target clients by providing quality and innovative products which makes the customer’s life easy as well as lavish.

Mr. Chandramauli Pathak elaborately discussed about Entrepreneurship Development Cycle, Entrepreneur Challenging and Entrepreneur: Process and Stages and gene in depth clarity over the topics.

Day Two (13th July,2016)


On second day, Mr. Jayant Athavale (Expert), had a very interactive session with the students. He started the session by asking basic questions to the students and if they had thought of plunging into entrepreneurship. The discussion made the session more interesting. He discussed about the process of Bank Loan and how to avail finance to start-up projects. Process of starting own venture and shown inclination towards entrepreneurship. He gave many examples and made the students understand about the impact of marketing in today’s world.


Subsequently Mr. Pathak started his session with a management game. He formed groups of four for playing creative games. The students were then given material to make new product and asked to give name and to make presentation about their product. The students soon got engaged in creating some creatively unique products from straws and pins. They were then asked to present and market their products. The two best groups were chosen as winners according to their marketing and presentation skills. Subsequently, many innovative ideas were generated by the students and made session very productive. 

Day Three (14th July,2016)


The first session of the day was conducted by Mr. Vijay Desai He started his speech by telling them the risks and returns of being an entrepreneur. He discussed and inspired students to be risk takers in life. Also Mr. Desai suggested sources of raising funds for a business. He said getting funds is not a big deal since there are ventures who are ready to fund the project but what is required is innovative or unique ideas to start a business. He gave a truly informative speech which helped every student gain some insight for starting a business. The students were highly motivated by his speech.


The next session was taken by Ms. Riddhi Ambavale., Marketing Faculty, Oakbrook Business School. She delivered a session on how to market a new product and smart tips of Quick Marketing. Ms. Ambavale explained the basic fundamentals market, its advantages and disadvantages. She gave examples of different companies whose advertisement failed in reality. She also gave few instances of local restaurants of Ahmedabad city and their marketing strategies. Thus her session enhanced marketing knowledge of young students and they received a good deal of information on how to market a new product.



The event was concluded by distributing certificates to the participants and vote of thanks by Ms. Shraddha Seth, Academic head of Oakbrook business school . She thanked the institute and principal for sharing inclination for entrepreneurship and support throughout the program.   Mr. D.M. Patel – Principal of Shree V & K Patel Institute of Engineering College thanked Oakbrook business school for making 3day journey of Entrepreneurship awareness program memorable.

Business Plan Competition – Engineer as an Entrepreneur | Thursday, 7th April, 2016


Oakbrook Business School organised its first Business Plan Competition on 7th April 2016 on the topic “Engineer – as an Entrepreneur”.

The objective of this Competition was to encourage student entrepreneurs and support the growth of these entrepreneurs. The competition was kept open for all the Engineering colleges across India. All the teams were motivated to present new and innovative ideas. Finalists were given Seed amount money.


The programme started with lightening of lamp by all the dignitaries.


Ms. Shraddha Sheth, Academic Head of Oakbrook Business School acknowledged dignitaries with flowers and gave a welcome note. She also welcomed the participants from various institutions of Gujarat and appreciated them. She discussed about the objective of such programme and how it is important for the management institution to initiate such programs. It was very well received programme. In all about 25 students participated in the Competition.


Mr. S.B. Sareen, Head of Department, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India was the Chief Guest of the event and took the first session on “Start-up India”, ”Make in India” and other projects in same line which are initiative taken by government to increase the livelihood and opportunities for start-up ventures to boost entrepreneurship and encourage job creation. He further quoted that Engineers are the architect of our nation and by giving the example of Mr. KarsanBhai Patel and Mr. Ambar Patel who was also one of the guest of the event.


Next speaker for the day was Mr. Ambar Patel who is the Managing Director, Shilp Gravures Ltd. Mr. Patel talked about the need of changing mindset of Indian People for doing Business by sharing his personal experience. He presented a virtual tour of his company and shared some of his incidents which he faced and solved during his working tenure. The students were highly motivated and inspired by his speech.


Next speaker of the event was Mr. Amitsingh Gohil who is Executive Director, TIE who is an expert in Industry-Academia collaborations and start up project feasibility. Firstly, he appreciated the efforts put in by Oakbrook Business School for taking an initiative for encouraging Engineer entrepreneurs.

He shared his experience in TiE and explained how they help in budding entrepreneurs by providing them help either financially or mentoring them or giving them incubators or assisting them in making networks. He invited all the participants to visit TiE for any help for start-ups.


Next distinguished speaker was Mr. Padmin Buch, Ex- MD GTCO & Project Consultant who talked about how one can make his business plan bankable and important points to be considered while making business plan. He talked about approaches to information collection, 4ps of marketing, information gathering method, specialised source of project finance. He explained the importance of SWOT analysis while preparing project plan by giving various examples.  He also interacted with students by asking them questions.


Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, Director, mentor and advisor of innovation, incubation Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Oakbrook Business School gave vote of thanks to all the guests for sparing their time and coming to Oakbrook Business School. He thanked participants for trusting a young school like OBS and participating in Business Plan Competition.

Post lunch all the participants visited Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Oakbrook Business School.

After that, much awaited Business Plan Competition started with much enthusiasm. Total 11 teams participated in the competition and presented their Business Plan in 10 minutes limit. The competition was judged by Mr. Bipin Shah, Senior Faculty, EDI, Ms. Nita Shah, Former chairperson Women Wing, GCCI and Mr. Chandramauli Pathak. All the ideas were unique and innovative thus after much discussion the 3 best winners were announced. The best three Business Plan Participants were provided with seed amount for their start-ups.



The certificate and seed money distribution along with vote of thanks was given by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak.

7th Faculty Development Program on ‘EMBRACING CREATIVE SIDE OF TEACHING’ | Saturday, 2nd April, 2016


Creativity and innovation are becoming increasingly important for the development of the 21st century knowledge society. They contribute to economic prosperity as well as to social and individual well being and are essential factors for a more competitive and dynamic India. Education is seen as central in fostering creative and innovative skills and Teaching is an essential part of education. As much as teacher will be creative, it will hold students’ attention. Keeping this in mind, Oakbrook Business School has organised yet another FDP programme on “Embracing the Creative side of Teaching” for engineering faculties.

Principals and Professors of various engineering colleges came to be part of this seminar. Also it had a panel of eminent personalities from the engineering background.


Ms Shraddha Sheth –Academic Head delivered welcome speech. She gave the brief introduction about OBS and why there is a need for the Faculty Development Program. She showed her gratitude towards all the eminent speakers and participants for becoming the part of this programme. She emphasised that basic management traits to be added in the engineering curriculum for growing and developing better engineers and leaders for tomorrow.

Speaker 1:


First speaker of the event was Dr. Rajul Gajjar, Civil Engineering Principal, Government Engineering College. She has more than 30 years of academic experience. She is the dean of GTU, Civil Engg.Dept. She has a number of papers and publications to her credit and has also attended a number of conference and workshops based on engineering, infrastructure and related fields. Dr.Gajjar has played an active role in various Govt. infrastructure projects and guided students for their thesis and research. She is member of Institute of Engineer (India), Indian Society for Technical Education, Indian Society for Earthquake sciences, Gujarat Institute for Civil Engineer and Architects and Ahmedabad Management Association.

She started her session by interacting with fellow participants by asking them how they make their class interesting and how they make sure that everyone is responsive.

Later she talked about different types of teaching method and gave its pros & cons. She also discussed about learning and teaching process of student and teacher respectively. In her session she also talked about catching a pulse of the class. It was necessary for a teacher to understand that all students are not same and understanding level of student varies from one student to other.

Speaker 2:


Next speaker was Dr.G.P.Vadodaria who is M.E. in Civil Engineering from M.S.university. In March 1995 he topped GPSC examination and  posted as a lecturer at LD Engineering College and since 2014 he is serving as the principal of LD engineering college.

During his research work he published many research papers in reputed peer reviewed journals. He has presented several research papers in national and international conference which includes paper of EWRI conference at Bangkok and International Conference on Information Technology in construction at Tsinghua University, Beijing. He has supervised more than 20 thesis at masters’ level and also supervising PhD students in the area of water resource management. And he is the man who is behind establishing new concept in GTU examination system i.e. electronic delivery of question paper.

Addressed participants on topic “work of teacher in making noble students.” And shared various incidents from his personal observation on how students should be faced during certain situations. He further added that mere scolding and not listening to them won’t help; rather they become more offensive which will consume time and energy of both the parties. It is needed for better future of the student that whenever they approach any faculty with their problem, faculties should listen to them, if they are busy then they should give their time.

After that participants and speakers had the group photo, followed by high tea.

Speaker 3:


After break, Mr. Kabir Thakore took a session who is Eminent Theatre Artist and Dramatics Expert. He conducted activities with participants who enthusiastically participated and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

He engaged the participants in playing various games that made them interact with each other and shed their inhibitions. He asked the participants to be expressive and vocal about themselves. He made them interact with each other in innovative ways. Those activities let them open up, interact, induce alertness, listening, expressing and developing creative ability of the participants.

After making them play games Mr.Thakore explained them why it is necessary for a teacher to be expressive in class. And who are the teachers whom students tend to remember easily.

After this session every one enjoyed a sumptuous meal and also bond well during lunch.


Speaker 4:


Last session was of Mr.Chandramauli Pathak who is mechanical engineering from LD engineering college and has over 30 years of experience in the field of teaching & training in management and entrepreneurship at school, graduates and post graduate level. He is well known entrepreneurship expert with diverse experience having worked in more than 30 countries teaching and developing entrepreneurship courses. He is director and mentor at Oakbrook’s Incubation  Innovation education centre(IIEC) to foster entrepreneurship talent amongst youth for start-ups.

He said that now-a-days there is need for self innovation and creativity development in faculties and students. And faculties should motivate their students’ innovative and creative ideas. They should always encourage their students to think out of the box, and also keep on trying new methodology in class to make them interested.

The program  ended with interaction  and feedback of the participants about program. The program indeed  was well – received  by all of them.





1st Entrepreneurship Conclave at Oakbrook Business School | Friday, 4th March, 2016


Oakbrook Business School organized its 1st entrepreneurship Conclave on 4th February 2016. The objective of this conclave was to disseminate information about new business opportunities as a career, and also highlight the challenges lying in this sector.

Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, faculty at Oakbrook Business School welcomed the chief guest and all the other dignitaries with flowers, lit the lamp and gave the welcome note. Mr. Pathak introduced all the dignitaries with the beautiful journey of Oakbrook Business School till date and explained the importance of this conclave to the students and how it would be helpful for them to decide their future path as business man/woman.

Speaker 1:

Mr. Piyush Desai, Chairman of Waghbakri Tea, was the first speaker of the morning. He started his speech with golden sentence ‘entrepreneur nature is inherent in GUJARAT.’ Mr. Desai explained that visionary people see ahead well in advance what other can’t and he brief about 3 S concept that is ‘SPEED WITH SAFETY AND SECURITY’. He also explained that to start the career as entrepreneur you have to face the society and make your own way and also you have to give 10-20% time to make the society better and at last he shared his experience about Waghbakri tea and Good Morning Tea.

Speaker 2:

Next distinguished speaker of the day was Mr. Arvind Modi. Mr. Modi’s center of focus was Funding from Angel/VCs.  He enthusiastically explained the source of fund that initially you can get fund from family and friends and then after there are three financial options available that is Bank, VC and Grant. Also Mr. Modi discussed some important consideration for VC, plan & pitch, funding requirement and its usages. He told the students that idea on PPT has no value; execution is important and don’t try to do everything, just work on one idea and put your effort, time and money.

Speaker 3:

Next eminent speaker of the day was DrChandan Chatterjee. Director, the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED). He eagerly discussed policy measures, start-up and its economic impact, 3S concept that is skill-scale-speed, 3I concept that is inspire, innovate and ignite and zero defect and zero effect concept. Sir also deliberate about ‘understanding your business’ which include six point that is Breaking, Awareness, Motivation, Management, Responsibility and successful. Dr. Chatterjee also converse about Transforming knowledge & innovation into business enterprise, Roadmap & Mentoring and resources available in Gujarat to start a start-up. Students of Oakbrook Business School were very motivated by Dr. Chatterjee.


Speaker 4:

Mr. Jitendra Kharawala was the last speaker of the day. He gave highlights on business idea and shared his experience.

Mr. Chandramauli Pathak gave warm thanks to all the guests for managing time and participating in the event and gave short speech on “ENERGY WITHIN”.

Post lunch, New Business Idea competition was held, in which the individual and teams of students participated and turn by turn they presented their idea and there were three judges who evaluated the ideas of participants and selected top three ideas.

The event was concluded by giving certificates to the winning team of the business idea competition and letters of appreciation were given to all the volunteers and coordinators of the event to boost their morale.

Thus, the whole event went on smoothly and students thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. It was a learning experience to the audience and budding entrepreneurs. The sprouting youth shared their ideas of becoming startups and future plans of becoming successful entrepreneurs.