Summer camp 2015 @OBS

Day one 10th May 2015

The first day of the summer camp started with the introduction of the students. The first session was taken by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak who engaged the students in an innovative way and introduced each other which broke the ice among the participants. In the first exercise sir asked the students where they see themselves after 5 years. The students talked about their dreams and aspirations heartily.

In the next session the students were asked to prepare a chart where they will present their SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat). They were given accessories like newspapers, magazines, leaflets etc from which they had to show their SWOT in a pictorial form by using the f\given props. Each of the students then presented their analysis on their own and also told how will they overcome the barriers. With this exercise following factors were acknowledged namely:

  • Ability to identify one’s Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Knowing one’s ability as well as shortcomings
  • Identifying the Goal, setting the benchmark
  • Classifying ways to achieve the goals

In the next session the students were engaged in a game where they were asked to aim and throw a ring on a target by choosing the distance they desired. Each of them were asked why they chose a specific distance. Then they were asked to form a team and also bid and predict as to how many times they/team would achieve the target.  This game was played to make the students understand about the following traits:

  • Risk” taking ability i.e. how much of a risk-taker are they.
  • “Aim”, can they have realistic ambitions
  • “Analysis”, how much analysis and thought process they indulge into, in order to achieve their target.
  • “Team work”, the way they choose and motivate their team members.

After the lunch the students were taken to a nearby nursery where they were shown a number of plants and herbs and their medicinal properties. The students asked the caretaker about the cost of technology involved, the profit margin, cost of labour and maintenance of the nursery.  After a thorough analysis, the students headed back to OBS campus and discussed about their trip with Mr. Chandramauli Pathak. The students ended their day with refreshments and giving feedback of the day.

Day 2(11th May)

The 2nd day of the Summer Camp started with a session by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak on the topic “Traits and Qualities of Successful Entrepreneurs”. The session was then commenced by sir by a presentation on characteristics and potentials of a successful entrepreneur. He asked the students to dream and have courage to follow their dreams, “an entrepreneur is a dreamer and a risk taker”. He further stated that the economy today is an “Entrepreneurial economy” and the people today yearn for quality and luxury. They do not hesitate to pay more if served with quality products. This leads to an era where smart entrepreneurs can vouch their target clients by providing quality and innovative products which makes the customer’s life easy as well as lavish.

The next session was taken by well known theatre personality Mr. Kabir Thakore and Mr. Vishal Shah. He engaged students into various games which were not just fun and interactive for the students but it also helped them to establish creative thinking, ability to express effectively, communicate clearly and fortify their team spirit. The students enjoyed several games and were left refreshed and energized after the end of the session. The first game was a number game in which students were divided in groups and were asked to utter the numbers consecutively without looking at each other and without repeating. This game helped the students to learn about team-work.

The next game was “Hypnotize”, where participants were divided in pairs where one became the hypnotizer and the latter had to follow the gimmicks by the hypnotizer. The participants had ample fun during this session. This game fortifies concentration and focusing ability. The next game was “Mirror image”, in this game one had to imitate the other participant as if he/she is a mirror.

The next game was about using voice modulation, in this all the students were given same dialogue and they had to speak the same line but with different expression. This game helped the students about variety of voice modulation and difference between various kinds of tones and pitches of voice while speaking.

The next game was the game of “Trust Fall” and “Mutual force”, these two games taught the students to develop trust and team work.

The next session was an exercise where the participants were asked to follow instructions and do as directed. This helped the participants to think creatively as well as inculcate the spirit of team work. The day ended with students all the more glowing and chirping with enthusiasm!

Day 3, 13th May 2015

The 3rd day of the Summer camp was regulated by Mr. Ajay Dixit. He started the session by a brief introduction of each of the students. He then moved on to the topic of problem solving attitude. He said that people have different attitudes of looking at things differently, he then showed the students a presentation about ‘Daring attitude’, and advised the students to inculcate it and push their limits and bring forth change. He asked the students to give their 100% and set their altitude by such daring attitude.

The students were then engaged into playing a Tower building game in which they were asked to set a target of building a tower out of cubes and many constraints were laid upon them such as blindfolding them and using their non-functional hand. The students were also asked to predict their scores and then their actual scores were compared with the predicted ones. This game enabled the students an ability to know their strengths and their capacity to perform under pressure. These attributes are extremely necessary for being a successful entrepreneur.

Then came the session of Yoga taken by Ms. Hetal Desai. She taught the students about various asanas and showed them videos about various types of asanas. She also enlightened the students about various pressure points and its effect and importance in our body. She then taught the students about meditation and its effects on human body, she then engaged the students in exercises and yoga forms which helps to concentrate and focus. The students had a wonderful experience of discovering about the life-changing form called YOGA and its healing power.

In the last session the students were shown a motivational video by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak. Hence an enlightening and invigorating day came to an end.

 Day 4 (13th May 2015)

The first session of the fourth day was conducted by Mr. Ajay Dixit wherein he gave students an exercise in which there were a few analytical as well as logical problems to be solved but only by particular groups. This exercise helped the students to work in groups and learnt about the effect of teamwork. The students were then given the exercise in order to develop leadership skills. The students enjoyed the session a lot since it was highly interactive and engaging.

The next session was conducted by Chandramauli Pathak, the students were divided into two groups and were sent to three different locations for a survey. The students were given a task to ask questions at the food joints and restaurants and do a market survey in order to open a food joint for a client in a respective area. The students worked really hard and visited a number of shops across Adalaj inspite of the scorching sun.

The students were excited and participated in the task with great enthusiasm. They were direct and approached a lot of people to perform the given task. They collected the data at their respective locations in scorching sun. After collecting the data, each groups were asked to prepare a presentation for the next day. The day ended with the students preparing their respective presentations and were deeply engrossed in the discussions.

Day 5  (14th May 2015)

The session started with Mr. Chandramauli asking the students to give a presentation on the task they performed the previous day. The students were excited and participated in the task with great enthusiasm. They were direct and approached a lot of people to perform the given task. They collected the data at their respective locations in scorching sun. After collecting the data, each groups presented their findings with umpteen confidence and vigor. Mr. Chandramauli Pathak evaluated the students on the basis of their presentation. They were marked on several parameters such as planning skills, team work, seeking skills, analyzing skills, problem solving skill, risk taking and many more.

The next session was taken by Mr. Rohit Patel. He talked to the students about the importance of communication skills in today’s world. He said that effective communication is an extremely important factor in order to be a successful entrepreneur. He showed students several videos and presentations and dealt with the topic of effective communication in a innovative way. He advised the students to think differently and open the corridors of the mind in order to do that. The students given a number of puzzles and asked logical questions which helped them learn the communication skills in a fun way.

The day was concluded by the certificate distribution ceremony and trophy distribution to the students by Ms. Shraddha Sheth and Dr. Chandramauli Pathak. The students and parents shared their views about the camp, they acknowledged what their kids had learnt over the course of three days. The parents and students appreciated Oakbrook Business School for conducting such camps.