3rd Marketing Conclave on Digital Marketing: A New Perspective in Customer Relationship Management at Oakbrook Business School | 17th September, 2016


Oakbrook Business School organized its 3rd Marketing Conclave on 17th September 2016. The objective of this conclave was to disseminate information about Digital Marketing: A New perspective in customer relationship management.

Dr. Sourabhi Chaturvedi, Director of Oakbrook Business School welcomed the chief guest and all the other dignitaries, and gave brief about digital marketing and explained linkage between digital technology & customer relationship and social, mobile and cloud CRM.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth CEO of Oakbrook Business School introduced all the dignitaries with the beautiful journey of Oakbrook Business School till date and explained the importance of this conclave to the students.

dsc_0680Mr. Yogesh Shinde, vice president- marketing, Gujarat tea processors & packers ltd (Wagh Bakri Tea Group) was the chief guest of the event. He gave presentation on ‘Regional to national not an easy ride & how digital marketing adding an edge.’ Mr. Shinde shared his professional experience and gave wonderful examples. He enthusiastically explained various concepts like growth drivers, FMCG mega trend, goldmine at bottom of pyramid and how Wagh Bakri tea uses digital marketing. Also he explained 3A concept that is Acceptability, Affordability and Availability. He explained wonderful concept that is ‘every city has little village in it and every village has little city in it and motivated the audience.

dsc_0713 Mr. Subir Palit, President – Marketing, Sintex Industries Ltdc was the guest of honour of the event. Mr. Palit’s centre of focus was linkage between CRM and digital marketing & expectation from students. He enthusiastically shared real life examples of Customer relationship management. He explained digital marketing as ‘redefine to create one to one relationship and connect with customers while they are in at remote place”. Also he eagerly discussed various challenges like creating value, customer retention, acquisition and satisfaction. Mr. Palit told that marketing is all about creating differentiation and indicated that customer is the most important factor in organisation by quoting “Customer is who pays the salary”.

dsc_0726 Mr. Shital Shukla, Director, Eminds Adcoms was the key note speaker of the event. He compared digital marketing with old traditional marketing. Mr. Shukla discussed problem in digital marketing that is ‘Information Overload’ and also deliberate that ‘no need to understand digital marketing because we all know it better but critical is to understand the medium’.  Mr. Shukla also converse about social channels and its importance and explained that still we are in real life, it’s going to future and hypothetical mock-up and shared wonderful example of IndusInd Bank and encouraged the students toward digital marketing trend.

dsc_0752Mr. Sanjay Sheth, General Manager, Symphony Ltd. was the special guest of the event. He explained that how companies are using CRM and digital marketing in customer relationship. Mr. Sheth enthusiastically interacts with students and shared his experience. He explained various things like interaction with customers and entire focus must be on customers, limitation of digital marketing, shared example of CRM and motivated the students.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth CEO of Oakbrook Business School felicitated the scholar students of 2nd batch with scholar desk and letter of appreciation for outstanding performance.

Mr. Jignesh Darji, faculty of OBS gave warm vote of thanks to all the distinguished guests for managing time and contributing in the event.

Post lunch, Ad-Vid competition was held, in which teams of students were participated and they have to prepared television advertisement. The participants of Ad-Vid competition presented their advertisement and there were three judges who evaluated the advertisements and selected top two advertisements.

The Quiz competition was organised identifying the advertisement and students participated very enthusiastically.




The event was concluded by giving certificates to the winning team of the Ad-Vid competition and letters of appreciation were given to all the volunteers and coordinators of the event to boost their morale.


Thus, the whole event went on smoothly and students thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. It was a learning experience and great exposure to the students. At last event was concluded by showing video – journey of organizing Marketing conclave.


3rd Orientation Program of Oakbrook Business School held on 2nd August, 2016 : Batch 2016-18


Oakbrook Business School Organized its 3rd Orientation Program on with the objective to welcome the 1st year Batch(2016-18) students in Oakbrook Business School and throw some light upon the expectation of the corporate world from the new budding talents of the Business Schools. This Objective was very beautifully explained by the dignitaries present on that day. Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi, Director of Oakbrook Business School gave a welcome speech. Followed by the lamp lighting ceremony.

dsc_9084Thereafter Mr. Sanjay Joshi, Senior Vice President of IL&FS Ltd. addressed the audience about the expectations of the Corporate from the employees focusing on Teamwork, Coordination, Time Management, Leadership Skills, Loyalty, Complete Ownership, Problem solving skills and Positive attitude. He concluded his speech by a Quote made by Mr. Winston Churchill i.e. “Never give up & indicated students to work hard till succeed” Mr. Joshi is also a Trustee of Pratham (Leading NGO in the field of education), Director on the board of Gujarat Tourism Project Development Co. Ltd. and Gujarat Industries Investments Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known personality in all these sectors. Amongst his noticeable achievements was the most valuable player of IETS (formerly called Schoolnet) in 2001-2002.

dsc_9110Mr. Abhimanyu Dhaigude, Vice President & Corporate HR Head of Sanghi Industry Ltd, explained about the qualities which are required while working in a corporate world. He emphasized on the points like Optimistic approach, look at the positivity in life, consider “Attitude of Gratitude” , To acquire Knowledge by reading books, To remain Focused, Time management, To own good Grades, To be reliable and Organized. He concluded by saying “Keep faith in the Knowledge given by the Faculties & do well”. Mr. Dhaigude also has also served as a Director HR & Corporate HR Head with WG, as VP – HR with Binani Industries Ltd. and as GM – HR with BSL.

dsc_9130Mr. Vivek  Tiwari, the President (Works)of Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. in Kadi, was also one of the dignitaries who shared his knowledge in the areas of Manufacturing, Customer relations, Innovation, Human Resource Development. He addressed the students and focused on having positive attitude in life; and indicated emphatically that learning capability matters a lot. He emphasized that Body Language while working in a corporate plays vital role in professional career. He concluded by saying that Respect your Parents and Teachers who have significant contribution in shaping your career.

dsc_9138 Mr. Anil Patel, Plant Manager, Ford India Private Limited began his speech by appreciating the staff members of the Oakbrook Business School. He briefed about his organization, finest automation company in the world. He further explained about the Industry expects from the employee & 4 C’s i.e. the Challenges, Competition, Communication, Conflict, and Cost. The other points he discussed were Core Business Values vs. Innovation & New Technology giving example of Induben Khakharawala. He also discussed the importance of the Management Programs in professional career and concluded by saying that ownership, commitment and teamwork can surely lead to success.

dsc_9140Dr. Gopalkrishna, a board member of the institute & is a former director of  Institute of Management, Nirma University. He has been a guiding force in establishing the benchmarks of Oakbrook Business School. He explained to the students that how to become a powerful student in class & the importance of communication between students and faculties in learning process. He concluded by saying “Run Faster & Faster & get succeed in your life”.


The Institute has appreciated the toppers of the institute Batch 2014-16 & invited their immediate reporting authority to felicitate the students. Topper students who performed outstanding in Academics were felicitating by the Institute.

dsc_9154Ms. Khusboo Jagad, Outstanding student & the 3rd Ranker in GTU and topper of Oakbrook Business School was felicitated by Dr.Gopalkrishnan and Ms. Shraddha Sheth. Thereafter Ms. Khusboo’s industry mentor – Ms. Prisha Dokania, Assistant Manager at S&P Global Market Intelligence shared her experience with Khushboo and concluded by giving a beautiful message by saying that one should keep curiosity burning and should also keep learning.

dsc_9163Mr. Vishant Thakkar, sharp, dedicated and an all-rounder, 2nd Ranker of Oakbrook College was felicitated by Dr. Sourbhi Chaturvedi, Director of Institute.

dsc_9170 Mr. Jay Sukhadia, sincere & dedicated student, the 3rd Ranker of Oakbrook Business School was felicitated by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak – member of Board of Governance. Jay’s immediate boss, Mr. Biswajit Pradhan, (Associate Director), Sanguine Management Services Pvt. Ltd. shared his views on how to work in a team & appreciated the sincerity of Jay. He further indicated that he is satisfied with the wonderful work Jay is doing in Sanguine. His address focused on teamwork and concluded by saying that “one should deliver one’s best”.


The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms.Shraddha Sheth, CEO of Oakbrook Business School. She delivered a vote of thanks and wished the 1st year batch all the luck to achieve their own dreams.

Post Lunch at 2:30 pm an Ice breaking and Micro lab session was conducted by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak – Mentor & Advisor of innovation, incubation and Entrepreneurship expert. It was well designed activity conducted by Mr. Pathak which made all the students motivated. Micro lab session has helped students to know their own ability skills & encouraged towards management program effectively. It has felicitated to help the group to begin with their professional program with passion & enthusiasm.



The Orientation program concluded with high spirit amongst the students to work with lots of passion and zeal towards their professional career.