Importance of Management Education in India

Management education has a vital role to play in today’s business environment, where everything changes so fast that it makes it difficult for organisations to survive the growing competition. This has led to the need for business schools in developing nations to impart relevant education to students, which reflects the changes in society. Also, schools need to be in close contact with industry.

Management Education is the latest academic discipline to arrive in the world of academia, hardly 100 years worldwide, it has been for less than 50 years on Indian scene. It has emerged as a vibrant field for professional education. It is today the most preferred choice for higher education, among young men and women of the country. Its demand will continue to rise and hence its qualitative growth needs serious attention.

The solution is that we need to do away with traditional departments. That will allow us to bring in interdisciplinary research. There is no reason why a finance person cannot do research on entrepreneurship or microcredit. These multidisciplinary centres leverage in our scarce resources.

In today’s world we require more skilled managers since our economy is growing, our country needs to prevent the brain drain and hone the skills of the existing ones by nurturing them via quality education. Oakbrook Business School is one such initiative, an upcoming B-school with impeccable infrastructure, expert faculty and cutting edge curriculum. 


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