1st Entrepreneurship Conclave at Oakbrook Business School | Friday, 4th March, 2016


Oakbrook Business School organized its 1st entrepreneurship Conclave on 4th February 2016. The objective of this conclave was to disseminate information about new business opportunities as a career, and also highlight the challenges lying in this sector.

Mr. Chandramauli Pathak, faculty at Oakbrook Business School welcomed the chief guest and all the other dignitaries with flowers, lit the lamp and gave the welcome note. Mr. Pathak introduced all the dignitaries with the beautiful journey of Oakbrook Business School till date and explained the importance of this conclave to the students and how it would be helpful for them to decide their future path as business man/woman.

Speaker 1:

Mr. Piyush Desai, Chairman of Waghbakri Tea, was the first speaker of the morning. He started his speech with golden sentence ‘entrepreneur nature is inherent in GUJARAT.’ Mr. Desai explained that visionary people see ahead well in advance what other can’t and he brief about 3 S concept that is ‘SPEED WITH SAFETY AND SECURITY’. He also explained that to start the career as entrepreneur you have to face the society and make your own way and also you have to give 10-20% time to make the society better and at last he shared his experience about Waghbakri tea and Good Morning Tea.

Speaker 2:

Next distinguished speaker of the day was Mr. Arvind Modi. Mr. Modi’s center of focus was Funding from Angel/VCs.  He enthusiastically explained the source of fund that initially you can get fund from family and friends and then after there are three financial options available that is Bank, VC and Grant. Also Mr. Modi discussed some important consideration for VC, plan & pitch, funding requirement and its usages. He told the students that idea on PPT has no value; execution is important and don’t try to do everything, just work on one idea and put your effort, time and money.

Speaker 3:

Next eminent speaker of the day was DrChandan Chatterjee. Director, the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (CED). He eagerly discussed policy measures, start-up and its economic impact, 3S concept that is skill-scale-speed, 3I concept that is inspire, innovate and ignite and zero defect and zero effect concept. Sir also deliberate about ‘understanding your business’ which include six point that is Breaking, Awareness, Motivation, Management, Responsibility and successful. Dr. Chatterjee also converse about Transforming knowledge & innovation into business enterprise, Roadmap & Mentoring and resources available in Gujarat to start a start-up. Students of Oakbrook Business School were very motivated by Dr. Chatterjee.


Speaker 4:

Mr. Jitendra Kharawala was the last speaker of the day. He gave highlights on business idea and shared his experience.

Mr. Chandramauli Pathak gave warm thanks to all the guests for managing time and participating in the event and gave short speech on “ENERGY WITHIN”.

Post lunch, New Business Idea competition was held, in which the individual and teams of students participated and turn by turn they presented their idea and there were three judges who evaluated the ideas of participants and selected top three ideas.

The event was concluded by giving certificates to the winning team of the business idea competition and letters of appreciation were given to all the volunteers and coordinators of the event to boost their morale.

Thus, the whole event went on smoothly and students thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. It was a learning experience to the audience and budding entrepreneurs. The sprouting youth shared their ideas of becoming startups and future plans of becoming successful entrepreneurs.


Teacher Training Development- Developing School Educators for Tomorrow | 27th February, 2016


Oakbrook Business School organised first Principal – Teacher (2-Tier) workshop on “New Teaching – Learning Techniques”.

The objectives of the programme was sensitizing participants for the need and techniques of using innovative teaching-learning methodology in education, Building leadership amongst teacher-principal by creating team spirit for continuous improvement in quality of Education and Expose and enhance career potential of teacher-principal for better Career and job satisfaction.

The programme started with lightening of lamp by all the dignitaries.


Ms. Shraddha Sheth, Academic head of Oakbrook Business School, acknowledged dignitaries with flowers and gave the welcome note. Ms. Sheth explained the beautiful relationship between Student teacher, Student Principal and Teacher Principal. She discussed about the objective of such programme and how it is important for the management institution to initiate such programs. It was very well received programme. In all about 50 teachers and principals attended the programme.


Ms. Sandhya Shah, Education Advisor and Social Worker took the first session on Effective Teaching and shared her experience being fellow participant at USA. Being a teacher by profession, she proudly said that teachers are the highest reward earning persons when student remembers teachers after even completing study and she also emphasised on the fact that teaching techniques should be made more interesting. She discussed various teaching techniques and to make more interesting sessions. It was very interesting session.


Next speaker for the day was Mr. Kabir Thakore who is an eminent theatre artist and dramatics expert and he took the session on New Teaching Techniques: Using Theatre and Storytelling Approach.  He engaged the participants in playing various games that made the participants to interact with each other and shed their inhibitions.

He asked the participants to be expressive and vocal about themselves.


He made them interact with each other in innovative ways. The participants played numerous games and that was not only thoroughly enjoyed by the participants but also let them open up, interact, induce alertness, listening, expressing and developing creative ability of the participants. The participants were highly interactive and engaged during this session.


Post lunch session was taken by Mr. Chandramauli Pathak who is entrepreneurship expert and in charge of IEDC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre) at campus who took the session on Moving Participants for better performance: Achievement motivation.

He moved on to the topic of problem solving attitude. He said that people have different attitudes of looking at things differently, he then talked about ‘Daring attitude’, and advised the participants to inculcate it and push their limits and bring forth change. He asked the participants to give their 100% and set their altitude by such daring attitude.


The participants were then engaged into playing a Tower building game in which they were asked to set a target of building a tower out of cubes and many constraints were laid upon them such as blindfolding them and using their non-functional hand. The participants were also asked to predict their scores and then their actual scores were compared with the predicted ones. This game enabled the participants to know their strengths and their capacity to perform under pressure. These attributes are extremely necessary for being a successful entrepreneur.


All Principals and Teachers thoroughly enjoyed the activities conducted by Mr. Thakore and Mr. Pathak.


After that Dr. C. Gopalkrishnan, a member of Board of Governance at Oakbrook Business School addressed the participants. He explained about a child’s state of mind while being in class through his childhood experience. He talked about day dreaming, detouring which children usually do while in school. He discussed about difficult techniques of teaching to make learning more effective and interactive.


The last session was the open house discussion in which participants shared their experience and discussed to make the teaching experience and more joyful and effective.


It was a good interactive workshop where everyone participated and even the workshop was well received by the attendee.